Gmail is considered as the best email service from Google and most of the Internet users use Gmail as their first choice to send and receive emails, both for personal use as well as professional use.

If you still don’t have an email account with Gmail, Google’s email service, then I don’t know which email service you use, because no matter what people use as their email client, everyone has atleast one account with Gmail. So if you haven’t registered your account, you should immediately sign up for an account. Gmail Signup is the very first step to use Gmail on mobile as well as on computer.

The signup process for Google Mail or Gmail is very easy and if you still find it tricky, I have published an entire post on how to do Gmail Signup. You can check it out and follow the steps there.

Once you have created an account with the email service, you need to do a Gmail Login. This is the step that will take you into your email account dashboard where you can check the emails that you receive and also send emails.

If you are unsure on how you can login to your account, you can refer this post to see how to do Gmail Login so that you don’t face any problems.

Why Should You Use Google Mail a.k.a Gmail?

The main reason to use Gmail is that it is the product of Google and so you can be assured that you will get the best possible service for your email communications. The other reason is the powerful data centers and the servers that make sure that you always have the email service right on your hand whenever you need it.

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Gmail has recently launched an all-new user interface that is really effective. With the new interface, the emails will be categorized in three different tabs so that all the promotional emails go directly in the promotional tab and the social emails go into the social tab.

All the main and important emails will be there right at your screen so that you don’t get distracted by any unwanted emails.

Gmail Security and Password Protection?

Gmail’s security is really great and with two-step verification, Google mail becomes the best email service provider that gives you amazing protection to save your account from hackers and other guys.

Here is a complete post on how you can choose a strong password and protect your account with 2-step verification process. Check out the post to enable 2-step verification process in your Gmail account.

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